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Righteous Kill
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Righteous Kill

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Quisque sed felis

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Hellgate is back

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Jay Z and indeed NBA 2k13 fan’s may be intreasted to know, that M.r Z’s name has been attached to NBA 2K13- as executive  producer. However it reamains unclear exactly what Jay-Z will contribute to the game. The  previous entery into the basketball series was generally well recived, so it will be intreating to see some further enhancements that could make the game even better.
Here’s a trailer for the game:




Where To Find The Game:


Time for a random game recommendation. This time it’s a free online game found on Swagbucks who have many free online games you can play, in various categories such as puzzle, action and arcade. You can play the game one of two ways; either play using some Swagbucks to pay for an entery into a tournament (then have the chance to win some Swagbucks back, or a large jackpot) or you can play the game on your own and compete for a top score on the leaderboard, costing no Swagbucks.

This fun little addictive game has you playing as a little guy, who must throw ice cubes at clouds in order to keep the clouds snowing. See what global warming has done. The guy apparently wants to keep it snowing so that school stays cancelled. To help him reach this goal you need to use your keyboards arrow keys to send him along the screen, trying to aim at the clouds so you can get an ice cube to land on one, to launch one you click the mouse, the longer the press the higher the ice cube is thrown. So it’s about timing to get the cube to land on the cloud. Every time you successfully manage this a meter fills with snow, that when empty, the game ends. So you need to be quick to keep the game going, and as you do your heigh score increases. A nice little game that might help to cool you down if your currently feeling the heat like here in the UK (well some parts anyway), or if your feeling the cold, you have an understanding with the little guy.

snow game swagbucks

Here’s a game I really like the look of: Codemaster’s F1 Race Stars, which sees the real life F1 drivers in tracks you won’t of seen them take on before. image

F1 Race Stars, which will be released this November for the X-Box 360, Playstation 3 and PC,  takes authentic F1 courses, but gives them a complete overhaul to add ramps, loop-the-loops and speed boosts, and an over all more  ‘rollercoaster designed’ track experience then you would usually associate with F1. While your racing through the tracks with the F1 driver of your choice (all available characters are based on the real deal, which includes Lewis Hamilton and Jennson Button and Fernando Alonso who have been given an excellent cartoony caricature style ), you’ll be able to use a range of weapons, Mario Kart style. The games courses will also contain their own obstacles such as one course, which has a speeding train to watch out for as you race around in your F1 car. The cars by the way look great, all based on the real thing but ‘cartoonised’     From the early screens and footage I’ve seen, the tracks have a great looking, fun design, where the graphics are cartoony but also brilliantly smooth.

As well as the games solo play options,  their will also be both offline and online multiplayer modes for up to 12 players. This games looking great fun, and more on it as more information becomes available.

Hi people. Over in Blogged On Stuff I took a quick look at a card from the classic Wizards Of The Coasts Pokemon set, Golem. Here I thought I'd look at the card from a gameplay perspective. Now I'd like to get this card myself, not only because I'm a big Golem fan (his a quality Pokemon, was always one of my favioute from the original monsters) but also because it has some great abbilities. If you have some Geodudes and Graverlers in stock you can get evolving to this rock beast. Right the stats.
Let's start with the critters HP: 100.
So a solid round number on a stage 2 monster. Golem has a Pokebody, and this is one of the reasons I really like the card, which reads: 'Whenever you attach a leaf, fire or fighting basic energy card from your hand to Golem, Golem's type (color) becomes the same as that energy untill the end of the turn'. So with this Pokebody you can help engineer Golem to have advantages with weakness' and resistance's against your opponeont's Pokemon. Whilst you adding these energies, it will also be helping to power up both Golem's attacks which need these energy types anyway. These attacks are Rock Throw and Earth Bomb (sounds epic). Rock Throw does 30 damage for 2 fighting and 1 colourless. Solid as an attack to cover your other Pokemon, if you can get it up and running quick with the rignt energies. Next attack is Earth Bomb which has a base damage of 50. Using this attack Golem does 20 damage to itself, you also do 10 to benched Pokemon (both yours and your opponeonts don't apply weakness' and resistance). I like the cards combo of attacks and Pokebody and I think Golem here, would make a great edition to decks.
Feel free to let me know what you think of this (or any other) and I'll be back with more soon.

If your perhaps building a deck around cards from classic sets like Skyridge, some of the cards are still very common to find, overs might take a little more searching (and money). This Golem can be quiye rare, but their are trading card websites that often have it in stock, eBay had just a handfull on a recent check. Or theirs the chance you could grab yourself one from a Skyridge booster (avaliable on many trading card shop websites and eBay).

It Wasn't Me

Ben 10 is a great cartoon and I would say one of Cartoon Networks best (in it's current phase, I'll always be a fan of the Jhonny Bravo era). If you don't know the show Ben 10, to summerise in ultra micro form; a boy called Ben (not me) gains the ability to change into 10 aliens, each with their own powers. So how does the game transform into a CCG? Well let's see. The game is by Bandai and was launched in 2008. To play you need 40 cards to create a full deck. Their are booster packs to build decks up, plus the starter packs to give you a 40 card deck and teach you how to play the game. You can play as various human characters from the cartoon, intreastingly the good guys as well as the bad, so if you like you can construct decjs based around these two sets of characters.My opinion of trading card games that run with this kind of format is that it's an ideal game to start with for those new to trading card games, with it's basic rule set that allows for fun battles with your opponeont. Also if your after some quick to set up and fast play rounds, this will fit thr bill. Below is a video showing a unboxing for one of the starter packs that you can purchase and a look at the game.

Some of you may remember the first Pac-Man cartoon. You might of caught it's more recent repeats on Cartoon Network. Well a new Pac-Man cartoon is on it's way, which will be called Pac-Man-The Adventure Begins ( I wonder if it show how Pac-Man was born, that I'll like to see). The new cartoon will air in 2013 and the show will be shown exclusivly on Disney XD.
Something else about the show is that it will be in steroscopic  3D, which will be great to see the Pac-Man characters in (I've always had a fondness for Blinky). It's been a while since we had a brand new Pac-Man cartoon so it's great to have one made. Now if we could just have a new Mario one, a new Sonic one, a Tekken one, a Tomb Raider one, a Spyro one, a Jak and Daxter one, a God Of War one......